Since 1991, we have led the effort to treat acid mine drainage with our simple, unique solution. We have been successful at treating water in rugged settings and locations around the world.


AquaFix Systems Inc.

 AquaFix is a machine that feeds pebble quick lime (calcium oxide) to treat acid mine drainage on remote mine sites.  Since 1991 Michael Jenkins has been manufacturing and selling to coal, metal, clay and sand mining companies, also to a charcoal plant and landfill sites.   AquaFix manufactures three sizes, the smallest unit has a bin for 500 lbs of pebble quicklime, the larger unit holds 2,000 lbs of pebble quicklime, and the newest machine is a silo machine that is attached to any size silo needed.   

At this time, we have 300 machines working in fourteen states all across the U.S. including: Arkansas, Colorado, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, Montana, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia & West Virginia.  We also have machines working in 3 countries including: Canada, Chile and Australia.

How it works

The AquaFix unit is a model of simplicity, ideally suited to the rugged situations so typical of sites where there is drainage from deep or surface mines. Extensive research and testing have gone into its development. 

Key to its operation is the ancient concept of the water wheel. Water passing through the water wheel drives the auger, which distributes lime pellets into the stream at a fully adjustable rate, to assure precise treatment levels.  AquaFix provides a practical, economical, efficient solution to the nagging problems of treating acid mine drainage. And like truly practical ideas, AquaFix is a model of simplicity and utility.  AquaFix provides continuous 24-hour-a-day treatment without all the associated problems of hazardous chemicals intense labor involvement. 

Pebble lime is the material of choice. When compared with ammonia or sodium hydroxide, chemical costs are significantly less, and the hazard of handling caustic material is completely eliminated.

AquaFix units do not require constant monitoring. Units can operate continuously for many days without human attention. 

Reduced labor costs and reduced chemical costs help the AquaFix unit pay for itself within a short period of time. Because of its simple design and rugged construc­tion, with proper maintenance and upkeep, AquaFix has an unlimited life expectancy.

We manufacture equipment that controls and treats mine drainage 24 hours a day without the need of electricity or constant monitoring by employees.
— Mike Jenkins, Owner AquaFix Systems Inc.